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Market leading lease abstraction & analysis solution driving superior decision making for landlords, tenants and other industry stakeholders

We provide

a full service solution (legal experts + proprietary software) to a range of stakeholders



Valuation, agency, financiers, insolvency, insurance etc



Understand and actively manage your lease liabilities and obligations.



Single source of truth of lease data, accessible by all stakeholders



Best solution for your client. Cost overruns eliminated. Focus your team on higher value tasks

We deliver

unsurpassed insight and utility, with use cases including

01 / Acquisitions

Comprehensive lease analysis, for all tenancies or a nominated sample, delivered in real time to all key stakeholders - better information, sooner, driving better investment decision making.

02 / Disposals

Robust defence mechanism against tyre-kickers and price gougers, and vendors tripping up just before completion.  Know your assets before you go to market, and share that knowledge with buyers to help them submit bids with less conditions, and de-risk your sale process. 

03 / Redevelopment

Capture all lease based redevelopment restrictions in a consolidated reference point for all stakeholders to use through the development process.  Visualise these restrictions in an interactive floor plan module showing these restrictions and how they vary with time (it's not much good knowing redevelopment restrictions today when you are breaking ground in 2 years!).

04 / M&A

Capture assignment and change of control, and any other transaction specific metrics from the target's lease portfolio. With all relevant information in one location and accessible to all, as a bidder or as a target, it is the only way to manage lease obligations in M&A.

05 / Targeted review

Beyond redevelopment and M&A, there are a range of targeted reviews that we undertake, such as tenant security audits for a building or portfolio, and tenant specific reviews for landlords or tenants, in preparation for critical processes such as a major renegotiation or insolvency event.


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