Field is a complete outsourced solution for lease review and analysis for landlords and the law firms that advise them. We are a law firm and have built a proprietary cloud based lease data platform through which we undertake our review and deliver our reporting. Our review is undertaken by a team of distributed, experienced lawyers, combining the best of software and human expertise. We deliver market leading lease reviews and, in addition, a range of analysis and insights helping landlords make better transaction and management decisions.

Use cases

Buy, sell, manage, redevelop.


Comprehensive lease analysis, for all tenancies or a nominated sample, delivered in real time to all key stakeholders - better information, sooner, driving better investment decision making.


Robust defence mechanism against tyre-kickers and price gougers, and vendors tripping up at the final hurdle. Know your assets before you go to market, and share that knowledge with buyers to help them submit bids with less conditions, and de-risk your sale process.

Portfolio management

Turn a point in time, transaction reference into a continually updated, “live” version of your lease documents and related analysis. Drive maximum value from your lease data by reducing risks, proactively managing your leases and being “sale ready” should that decision be made.


Capture all lease based redevelopment restrictions in a consolidated reference point for all stakeholders to use through the development process. Visualise this lease information in an interactive floor plan module showing relevant restrictions and how they vary over time.


Capture assignment and change of control, and any other transaction specific metrics from the target's lease portfolio. With all relevant information in one location and accessible to all, as a bidder or as a target, it is the only way to manage lease obligations in M&A.

Portfolio review

Beyond redevelopment and M&A, there are a range of targeted reviews that we undertake, such as tenant security audits for a building or portfolio, and focused reviews of all leases for a specific tenant across a portfolio in preparation for critical processes such as a major renegotiation or potential insolvency.

Value proposition

Cost effective lease review and reporting PLUS cloud based platform delivering reporting, insights and analysis, in real time, to key stakeholders.

Cost effective
Fixed, transparent
Single source of truth
Single source
of truth
Consistent reporting
Superior insights
Intuitive interface
All data exportable
All data
Real time 24/7
Real time
Tenancy schedule verification
Tenancy schedule

Lease data platform

Critical lease information delivered via an intuitive, engaging and highly capable online experience. Click screenshots below for more detail.

Tenancy schedule
Tenancy schedule w explanation
Lease summary
Lease summary w explanation
Contract archive
Contract archive w explanation
Material issues
Material issues w explanation
Project dashboard
Project dashboard w explanation
Stacking plan
Stacking plan w explanation


We are proud to work with some of the leading landlords and law firms in Australian commercial real estate.

Baker McKenzie
Frasers Property Australia
King & Wood Mallesons
Marquette Properties
Minter Ellison
Precept Property Partners


Leading legal and technology minds working together.

Alister Fitzgerald
Alister Fitzgerald
Alister's LinkedIn

Alister traded high-profile legal roles to tackle a tech-driven mission: making legal contracts valuable assets.
He runs the legal operations and is behind Field's functionality and intuitive design.
Off-duty, he's all about family and fitness (sort of), and coffee.

Robert Rayatt
Robert Rayatt
Robert's LinkedIn

A tech savant with 23 years of industry experience, Robert is driven to successfully forge tech solutions with business goals. Having led transformative projects for global giants like SAP and Macquarie, he is turning his attention to various challenges in the legal industry, with Field.

Michelle Hall
Michelle Hall
Legal Manager
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Michelle blends global commercial law expertise with a startup spirit - and is an OG member of the Field team! Fluent in multiple languages, a world championship level trap shooter, a piano teacher and dedicated parent, she's Field's Swiss Army knife.

Josh Hill
Josh Hill
Legal Manager
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Josh is a champion of fairness and continuous systematic improvement. With his combination of hands-on entrepreneurial experience and specialized legal skills he brings a highly valued perspective to Field. Off the clock you’ll find him lost in music and crossfit
(but not at once - we think).

Matthew Seymour
Matthew Seymour
Senior Lawyer
Matthew's LinkedIn

From origins as a Sydney partner at Minter Ellison and then Corrs, Matthew operates his own high-caliber practice serving Australian real estate clients from the serenity of New Zealand. We are lucky to have Matthew’s deep expertise on board, to help unravel complex contracts and issues, which he does between regular, epic motorcycle adventures.

Astrid Corubolo
Astrid Corubolo
Review team
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Astrid brings years of top-tier project finance experience to the table, across continents and industries. She levels up the Field team with her unique professional perspective and "first principles" approach to legal problem solving. And Cape Town, her home, is the city of choice in South Africa, for anyone asking.

Charnell Hebrard
Charnell Hebrard
Review team
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Charnell, based in Johannesburg, runs her own consulting firm specializing in offshoring legal services. With a rich background in both the public and private sectors, she navigates legal complexities with business acumen. A connoisseur of the finest champagnes, she's also Field's unofficial Wordle champion.

Satinder Singh
Satinder Singh
Software Developer
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Picture and bio coming soon!
But Satinder is better than Guilfoyle.
Just saying.


Field was a Queensland Government Ignite Ideas Grant recipient (Round 5, 2019).

Queensland Government
Advance Queensland