Team Field

Legal & operations


Alister Fitzgerald

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Alister is the founder and CEO of Field, and left senior legal roles in private practice and in-house to tackle one of the real challenges of the 'new law' age: how to leverage legal contracts to deliver genuine value to their parties.

He loves to learn, build and share, and do things that make a difference.

In his other life, Alister tries his best to be a decent dad and husband, and tries (unsuccessfully) to stay fit enough to keep up with his 2 boys.


Michelle Hall

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Michelle has vast experience across a broad range of commercial law disciplines and entrepreneurial pursuits in numerous locations across the world.  She is multilingual, excels in website SEO, can teach piano, and has won a world championship bronze medal in trap shooting.  A certified underachiever ;)

Michelle is an original member of Team Field, and an invaluable asset for us.


Joshua Rath

Josh brings enthusiasm, intelligence and a millennial sensibility to Field, complementing over half a decade of him advising clients in real estate and commercial spheres.

He is another original member of Team Field, and has consistently demonstrated his ability to see across complex projects, drawing connections which bring our customers maximum value.

Oh, and Josh surfs.  Like, a lot.


Joel Spatt

Joel is part of the new legal guard, a legal freelancer and innovative thinker, bringing his ideas and expertise to clients across major projects, construction and real estate.

He is a great contributor at Field, both on active projects and providing input on our broader vision.

Away from work, Joel devotes time to family, friends, and middle aged man surfing pursuits.


Tim Franklin

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Tim is an endurance athlete, triathlon coach, motivational speaker and, for good measure, a seasoned commercial lawyer.

Tim epitomises what we at Field seek to offer the lawyers that work with us:  first rate legal work for first rate lawyers, who long for the flexibility that our platform provides, allowing other life pursuits to

harmoniously co-exist.

And yes, always the visor

- even at work ;)

Software development


Alister Fitzgerald

Clearly not content to have his photo on this page once only, Alister is the architect of functional, aesthetic and user design for the Field platform.

Field partners with a team of talented software developers from OS System (, based in Ukraine.  Working closely with Alister, this team (Alex, Artyom and Evgeniy) helps Field maintain and improve its robust, secure and market leading platform.


Alexander Pokidin

Alex is a full-stack software developer, and the project manager for the Field development team.  He helps align our functional needs with technical practicality and efficiency, and ensures our platform marches consistently forward.  Has a relentless desire to learn and grow, to develop himself and provide a good life for his family. 


Artyom Seleznyov

Artyom is the engine room of the Field software development team, working day in, day out on improving and refining the system for the benefit of the platform's various users.

His discipline in development techniques make projects successful in the long run, which has been shown consistently in his work with us.


Evgeniy Shamray

Evgeniy is Field's software developer 'super sub', who steps into the software development team at times of high workload and to help deliver complex new features.

He loves programming because it is a playground for infinite creativity, mixing with music, media, sports, anything - like leases ;)